Gear Combo’s Are Not Created Equal

July 11th, 2015|

Gear Combo’s are not Created Equal despite what you might have learned in the past.  Modern bicycles present a potential buyer with an amazing multitude of gear options, and gear combo’s are not created equal. Each gear combination presents a different set of benefits. If you are new to bicycling this may seem confusing. Don’t worry though with a bit of background info, you will be able to quickly recognize the pros and cons of any particular drivetrain layout at a glance. From single speeds to 30-speed […]

Teach Your Kid to Ride a Bike

July 9th, 2015|

Back in the day, the running-along-side method was the go-to technique to teach your kid to ride a bike. It’s probably how you learned. It still works. But there is a new technique on the block. With this new method you will be able to teach your kid to ride a bike in no time.  Read the full post here….


Pro Cycling Tips

July 5th, 2015|

Not a pro rider? Don’t worry – this list of Pro Cycling Tips is one that EVERY cyclist will find useful (and wish they had known years ago).

Pro Cycling Tips that Everyone Can Use
1: Make sure you can reach your brakes while in the drops position.
This is an easy fix! If you have small hands, or it just isn’t comfortable to reach your brakes in the drops you can have your brake levers moved farther down around the bend and your bars repositioned.  Alternatively, there are shims that move the resting position of the lever closer to the handlebar.  Making either of these changes will improve safety and comfort for riders with shorter reach hands.
2: If you drop your chain you don’t have to get off your bike to fix it!
If you find that you’ve dropped your chain mid-ride and haven’t tried fixing it without dismounting you’ll love this. Simply coast while gently pedaling and slowly shift your front derailleur away from the direction the chain has dropped. The chain should catch back onto the chainring and away you go.  You can try this off the bike by turning your pedals with your hands. It will work the same way on the road!
3: You can remove your rear wheel without getting covered in oil.
Before removing your rear wheel, shift to the small chainring and smallest cog on the cassette. This will leave you with the most chain slack by having a relaxed derailleur. When you are putting your wheel back on, line up the chain over your smallest cog again and ease your wheel into the dropouts. While you may need to help push the derailleur down with your finger, you shouldn’t have to grab the chain, which will leave you oil free!  […]

Check out These Triathlon Apps

June 12th, 2015|

If you’re looking for that extra nudge to get you off the couch and well on your way towards a triathlon, look no further. We have the perfect set of apps to help motivate and train you all the way to your goals.

This selection of the best smartphone triathlon apps for Android and Apple phones can really give a technological boost to your training.

First Time Triathlon

Clearly aimed at newbies to the sport, this app will generate a customized 12-week training plan to suit your ability […]

Which hybrid or comfort bike is right for you?

April 13th, 2015|

Considering a Hybrid or Comfort bike? You probably have many questions beginning with which hybrid or comfort bike is right for you? Hybrid or Comfort bikes are popular for many reasons. They are a comfortable, approachable, eco-friendly means of getting out with family and friends, running errands, exercising or commuting to work. They don’t pretend to be ultra-fast racers and they aren’t overbuilt tanks for the off-road trails. They are the middle—an excellent combination of comfort, efficiency and fun.

Hybrids and Comfort bikes, though technically different, […]