Whether he’s a daredevil hitting the trails and honing his skills, or a beginner looking for his first set of wheels, we’ve got the perfect bike for him! At Asheville we have an extensive collection of kids’ bikes, which means we’re sure to have a bike that makes all his dreams come true. Here are a few of our favorites for him:

Giant XtC Jr 24 Lite

This rigid version (no front suspension) of the XTC Jr. family is a fun and stable way to get started on the trail.

Giant XtC Jr 24 Disc

The disc-brake version of the XtC Jr. family gives added control for more advanced trails and conditions.

Giant Animator 12 & 16

Available with 12 or 16-inch wheels and removable training wheels, this is an express ticket to fun and freedom.

Giant Pre Push

Pre inspires young riders to get rolling. Made with 12-inch wheels and a quick-adjust saddle, it’s the perfect way to begin their cycling adventures.