Explore on a mountain bike from Asheville Bicycle Company

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to move from the street to the trails. While some are getting ready to store their bikes, now is your chance to grab a mountain bike and enjoy the color, smells, and sounds of fall. There is truly nothing like hitting the trails in the crisp cool days of fall. Whatever your style, Asheville Bicycle Company has a great selection of mountain bikes for you to choose from. In particular, we’re stoked about our new 2018 Kona bikes. The Big Honzo and Process 153 are built for long days on the trail and will serve you well as you sample local trails and fall color. Are you one to enjoy the fall color while competing in the cyclocross circuit? You may want to check out Kona’s 2018 Jake the Snake if you’re getting ready to hit the cyclocross trails this fall. Looking for a training regiment to use with the Jake? Click over to read our cyclocross training guide for the busy cyclist – you too can get in cyclocross shape with just six hours of training a week.

Are you looking for some new trails to check out in the area this fall? Click on over for a great list of trails in the Asheville area – how many of these have you tried? What’s your favorite mountain bike trail for fall? What new trail will you try out this fall?