You’re working on getting into shape – it’s time to make sure your bike is also in good shape. Show a little love to your bike (and save for a limited time) – we’re quite sure it will show you love right back. Asheville Bicycle Company has three tune-ups to meet your needs. If your bike is just needing a quick pick-me-up, you’ll want to go with our Lite Tune. We’ll get your chains and cables lubed, as well as adjust your bearing and shifting. We’ll also do a quick clean on your frame and wheels. If your bike has just seen light use, this is the perfect tune-up to go with.

For those of you whose bikes have shown you a bit more love – and you’ve ridden a bit harder – you’ll want to go with our Classic or Deluxe Tune. These tunes both offer deep cleans, as well as adjusting the brakes and truing the wheels. The deluxe tune treats your bike to a complete overhaul of all bearing systems.

So this February, as you’re looking to spread the love around, don’t forget to show some love to your bike! Schedule your tune-up today!