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Asheville Bicycle Company

Fuel your rides with our locally made bars!

Bike Fit - the key to long distance comfort
A good bike fit is key not only to your comfort on a bike, but also for preventing injuries. Bike manufactures design with averages in mind, which means no bike is going to perfectly suit your individuality straight from the manufacturer – that’s why so many of the components on a bike are adjustable! At Asheville Bicycle Company, we’re committed and trained to giving you an accurate and professional fit that will keep you riding comfortably for many miles to come. You can have a bike fit personally to you for as low as $45, and a professional fit is only $95.
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Fuel for the ride
At Asheville Bicycle Company, we’re excited to offer you locally made bars that not only taste great, but are packed full of the nutrition you need to ride faster and farther.
Ally's Bar Threshold Provisions Epic Bars
Ally’s Bar is an all-natural, extremely tasty active nutrition bar developed right here in Asheville, NC by a professional cyclist. Threshold Provisions is an Asheville, N.C. based business devoted to developing athletic potential through delicious and sustaining wholesome food. EPIC Bar, the original meat, fruit, and nut bar, is a savory high protein snack designed to inspire your most EPIC adventures.
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