Busting Bike to Work Myths

April 28th, 2017|

Call them myths or call them excuses, we all have a list of reasons why biking to work can’t possibly work in our situation. But in honor of Bike to Work month, we’re here to bust 8 of those most common bike to work myths, and get rid of the excuses. We want to help show you that even YOU can make biking to work a regular habit.
Myth #1: It’s not safe
One of the first bike to work myths that are often mentioned about biking […]

Bike to Work Month

May 1st, 2016|

Today kicks off Bike to Work month across the nation! At Asheville Bicycle Company we’re proud to support and equip both the occasional and the everyday commuter. Have you ever tried to abandon four wheels for two on your way to work? You may be surprised by the positive impact this simple choice can have on your day. Think work is too far away to participate? Many public transportation options have a way to bring your bike – you can take a bus for part […]